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How to market your products with us.

As we mentioned on our "Home Page", outpatient intravenous therapy has grown rapidly because of cost savings and the benefits it brings to patient care. This growth has been made possible by the increasing number of physicians, nurses and pharmacists interested in home and outpatient care.


When we first sent out the books and then set up the web site, we noticed that it was much more than that.  We have had requests from all over the world for the book and information about the products. These requests were coming from hospitals, clinics, universities, students, radiologists, veterinarians, libraries, the military and more. Some were involved with home care but with just the vast majority of infusion therapy products all in one place they found it a very valuable site.


This web site, phone layout and the printed edition of the OPIT Source Book proposes to meet the needs of both the intravenous infusion therapy program and the product manufacturer in this rapidly evolving field.


For the provider:

  • Organized information source about IV products and services
  • Quick reference on who makes what and where to get it
  • Pictures of the products and quick, easy to understand descriptions
  • Tables to compare products
  • Links to company web sites for further information


For the supplier:

  • Specialized marketing tool
  • Designed to specifically reach those decision makers who provide intravenous infusion care.
  • All company layouts are uniform - no competition from small company to large company (click here for a "sample page" of the layout)
  • Arranged by product category
  • Logo of company


Who has requested or contacted us regarding information about products for services in this book?

  • Infusion Clinics including start-ups
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Universities
  • Libraries
  • Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Radiologists,  Veterinarians, Students
  • Military and Police Departments (Read the interesting story how we helped a sheriff's department here)


There is your company logo and name.  Then the next paragraph gives address and contact information, followed by a description of your product or services, followed by a graphic.  There are also tables for easy comparison of product size  of product names, materials, lumens:catheter size, introducer type/size, volumes, rates, disposables and more.


The web site is set up fairly the same, although you can expand your options.  Please read the information in the media kit.  All companies have the same amount of space provided in the printed edition.  This is not a competing site as far as size and shape.  It all depends on your wording and how you want to present your product or service.  The books have in the past been printed in grayscale to keep the cost down.  It is all about providing resources on who has what in one location.  All companies are linked to their own company home page, or linked to that product information on your site, whichever you choose.  On the web, you can add more information, pictures and short videos per instructions in the media kit.


This site was just recently redesigned.  The "Products and Companies" section pertain to the outdated site.  As companies and manufactures update their information, it will be updated on the web site and the old information will be removed.  The new format for the products will be greatly improved.


What is in it for your company?  We all know traveling and exhibiting at the conventions are costly.  Finding information and products can also be very timely, time in which physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals don't have much of.  This is a great place to attract your audience and be included with other IV therapy product suppliers in this specialized marketing tool.


In the past, we had affiliated the book with other associations.  They have provided us with a secure mailing list of their members.  In turn, we provided their members with a copy of the book.  We are in the process of working together with them again.  One association has already sent us their secured mailing list.  This mailing list is used only for the purpose of notification of the new book.  The associations we have worked with in the past and working on the future are:


  • American Society of Home Care Physicians (AAHCP) now American Society of Home Care Medicine (AAHCM)
  • American Society of Health System Pharmacists - Section of Home Care Practitioners (ASHP)
  • National Association of Vascular Access Networks (NAVAN) now known as Association for Vascular Access (AVA)
  • Outpatient Intravenous Infusion Therapy Association (OPIVITA)
  • League of Intravenous Therapy Education (LITE)
  • Oncology Nursing Society - ONS


And we can not forget the countless orders from the Internet and mailings.  Requests for products and services or "do you know who carries ________ product?"  We send out an e-mail or fax to your company with requests that come in to our office.  And then there are some special requests.  Two very interesting stories of how we helped others can be read on our reviews page.


The OPIT Source Book has traveled the world.  We have sent out many requests for the book to all parts of the world.  You can spend hours reviewing the places on the Internet that have referenced back to our site.


We hope you find this site to be helpful to all providers, manufacturers, and suppliers involved in outpatient intravenous therapy and that patients, in turn, will benefit through safe and effective outpatient care.


For more information, please download the Media Kit and the Application.  Feel free to call or e-mail at any time.


Thank you for your interest.




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