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First of all a big THANK YOU to all the companies and associations who have participated and helped support the OPIT Source Book in the past years.


Outpatient intravenous therapy is growing rapidly because of cost savings and the benefits it brings to patient care. This growth has been made possible by the increasing number of physicians, nurses and pharmacists interested in home and outpatient care. Patients can enjoy the surroundings of their home and loved ones while receiving treatment or even attend daily functions like school or work.


Although some aspects of intravenous therapy are the same in the hospital as on an outpatient basis, there are many differences. Patient needs at home and the absence of medical personnel may result in selection of different medications and require the use of new technology to administer them. Many product and pharmaceutical manufacturers have become aware of the importance of outpatient therapy and are constantly developing new products appropriate for it. New intravenous catheters provide reliable, long-term venous access. New infusion devices can infuse medications at specific rates and intervals. They find it difficult, however, to reach all the varied providers these advances might benefit.


In the early 90's, Dr. Alan D Tice founded OPITVITA - Outpatient Intravenous Infusion Therapy Association and started an outpatient clinic in Tacoma Washington.  He wanted a "resource book" that he could just grab off the shelf, see all the products for infusion therapy and where to get them in one place - a "one-stop guide to products and services".  So, that is how the idea of a resource book took place. By calling manufacturers and companies that provided services and products for infusion therapy, and attending conferences and meeting with associations we put together the first edition of the OutPatient Intravenous Therapy Source Book - ­OPIT Source Book for short. Our goal was to print books yearly.  In 1996 the web site took place.  Companies who participated in the book were listed on the web site along with links to their site.


Dr. Tice's health took a turn for the worse.  He passed away from cancer in 2013 - my friend, mentor and great physician. This is a very special edition, dedicated to Dr. Alan D. Tice for all his work in outpatient infusion therapy.  He was well known throughout the world for all his work in infectious diseases and outpatient care.  If you would like to read more on his life, please check out these links.



I took over the OPIT Source Book in 1997, after the first edition.  There were four editions published. Then, my health took a turn and I had to take a break from marketing the fourth edition because of health issues.  I was on IV therapy for almost 10 years and understand how important ambulatory infusion is.


Today, I am excited to announce marketing has begun for the new  2015 edition of the OPIT Source Book! Pre-orders have been coming in and participating organizations are awaiting the new printed edition to distribute to their members.


The OPIT Source Book has gone global!  This book has been sent to not only outpatient clinics but also has been requested from hospitals, universities, military, veterinarians, libraries, and private medical offices around the world.  When I was sending off one book I asked the post office where the location was.  His reply, "I think you have to go by camel to get there".



Now, for the convenience you can add a "web clip" or icon to your home web clip for iphone imagescreen on your Apple device.  Right there at your fingertips!  I'll show you how HERE.


I welcome comments and ideas that will make this OPIT SOURCE BOOK and web site more useful and effective.


Thank you for visiting our site!


Sheri Karanasos



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